Monday, 7 October 2013

Winter Faerie Poppets

Hello Just me again!
I know, I'm not here for days then I come along twice in 1 day LOL I have some Winter Faerie Poppets to share & I thought I would start with my favourite one - a lovely T-Shirt :) they are so easy to make & I think they look FAB!!!
All you need is fabric transfer paper, your Winter Faerie Poppet CD ROM & a T-Shirt.
There is even a section called Fabric Companions.  I chose my favourite image & printed this onto the fabric transfer paper.  REMEMBER to print in mirror image, there will be an option on your print screen to do this.  Then cut a thin border round the image & iron onto T-Shirt.  I use a hot iron with no water in & allow to cool a then repeat - I do this a few times then let the image cool before removing the backing paper.

Then Ta-da gorgeous image on T-Shirt I have added some glitter as I think the Faeries really look better with glitter & bling!!  And you have the CD to make a gift box/bag if you want to give your T-Shirt as a gift!!! :)
How easy eh? LOL
Have a great day - see you all soon!! (not today tho!!) xxx

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