Wednesday 17 June 2009

Awwww thanx.....

Kellie for this FAB Honest Scrap Blog Award.
The rules are I must reveal 10 things about myself & then pass it onto 7 people so here goes:
1) I LOVE Robbie Williams I have ever since I was about 12 & think I always will.
2) I LOVE the good old US of A I've been to Boston & New York & am planning my trip to Vegas next year
3) I worked for 5 years as a holiday rep I miss it :(
4) My FAVE TV show is Bones with the utterly gorgeous David Boreanez
5) I HATE cotton wool & can't touch it unless its soaking wet
6) I love reality TV esp Big Bro, I'm a celeb & all these X-Factor Strictly come dancing stuff
7) My fave color is pink - but I HATED it until I was about 20
8) I'm only scared of heights when I'm on a ladder so technically should that be I'm scared of being on a ladder
9) I bought The Sims 3 last week & can't stop playing it!
10) I LOVE Christmas its my fave time of year & sometimes I can be caught playing xmas tunes in July & dancing round the house!!!
The 7 people I'm passing this onto are:

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