Sunday 4 January 2009


I have recieved an award from Helen the rules are I must pass it onto 5 people & then list 5 things I'm addicted to, so here goes with the addictions:
1) I LOVE the TV show Bones with the utterly gorgeous David Boreanaz, my obsession started with Buffy, then onto Angel but my fave is Bones, I have all seasons & am totally gutted I don't have Sky to watch the current episodes :(
2) Tilda & Edwin honestly I think there is something wrong with me I can wake up thinking about what ones to buy next, is that normal??
3) Travel - I LOVE it & I get to do lots of it with my job & I get to book holidays & get to call it "research"!!!! Next is New York can't wait to hit the US craft shops!
4) Cherry Coke is my fave non-alcholic drink of choice & I always have a bottle in my cupboard!
5) Nestability dies are my new "thing" since I got my Cuttlebug I cut & emboss everything!
Ok so the 5 people Im nominating are:
Michelle, Vanessa, Lyndsey, Mina & Kristine they all have AMAZING blogs & cards so go check them out NOW!!!! x


Nessie said...

Thanks for my award Angel, love your new cards.


The Crafty Blonde said...

Thanks so much for the award, glad you think my blog is good enough for the award.
Love your latest 2 cards, they are lovely. Great cute images coloured so beautifully and love the embossing.
Lyndsey xx