Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bebunni Floral Easel Card

Evening Peeps!
How are we all doing tonight?  I hope all is well.  I have had a day off but don't feel like it, I feel like I've been up since January!!

How excited are we tonight - only one more sleep 'til Bebunni Floral hits our screens ARGH!!!
So I am sharing another sneak peak.
I printed 2 card companion's from the CD ROM, I added a Die'Sire border with pink spotty ribbon, I added flowers with jewels centers, I stamped "Mam" onto the tags - I love alphabet stamps as you can never get Mam grrrrr!!!

I am watching Gotham on catch up, then TOWIE & then off to bed - but setting my TV to record all the shows tomorrow!!! See you soon!!! x x x


Brawny x said...

Great card Caroline. X

yorkshiresue said...

I think this card is adorable. At present I only have Bebunni Papercrafting cd but hope to add another quite soon xx Sue