Thursday, 31 October 2013

DHL Crafty Blog Hop

Morning Peeps!
how are we all today?  I hope all is well.  I am currently say watching Mrs Brown's Boys I haven't seen this in a while so I am giggling quite a bit.  I am also sitting in waiting for DHL to arrive to collect a great big box!
Now a few weeks back I was asked to join in with the DHL Crafty Blog Hop & I hopped at the chance LOL. The first blogger was sent the theme & then they make an item to send to the next blogger...I'm 3rd in line I received these lovely worry dolls from Helen - which I will admit did send me into a MASSIVE worry so they had their work cut out for them when I placed them under my pillows!

So next I had to set about making my item.  Well I did get a bit way delayed due to injuring my leg but my item is now all made & safely boxed up ready to go to Louise.  I do hope I haven't sent something off the theme haha imagine I had - oopsie!!!
So I opened my box & saw worry dolls the first thought was "What helps gets a good nights sleep??" and the very first thing that popped into my mind was Counting Sheep!  So off I went to make some sheep!!
I made these super cute sheep - Baaaaaaaaa! I just love their wibbly wobbly eyes!
Next they needed somewhere to live.  I also had another thought of what helps me sleep - pills!
So I made this gift bag & this bottle of sleeping pills - now don't worry they aren't real pills they are just lovely Milky Bar Buttons!!!
I seared the web & found a lovely counting sheep poem so I added that to the front of the bag
If you cant see on the picture it reads as follows:
When it’s late and I can’t sleep,
I close my eyes and count some sheep.
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four,
and soon I drift off to a snore.
But one day when I woke in bed,
I found a note tucked by my head.
It was a bill from Miss Bo Peep,
charging me for counting sheep.
She says I owe ten cents a head,
for every sheep I count in bed.
So when it’s late and I can’t sleep,
I now count goats instead of sheep
Awwwwwww I love it!
Next I made a small tag for the back of my bag - it reads  
If you can’t succeed At counting sheep Then pop a pill to Help you sleep!
(I made that up myself you know!!!)
So there is it in all it glory! My Sheep Sleep Collection
Lets just hope I've done it right & haven't sent poor Louise off on a wrong idea!
It was super easy to address my parcel & DHL gave me a collect time - a good one not a I'll collect today one where you sit in all day & they arrive 5 minutes before it runs out.  I got a window of a few hours! Way better!!
Supplies used:
White Wool, White Card Stock, Black Spectrum Noir Pen, Wibbley Wobbly Eyes, Tacky Glue, Spellbinder Dies, Black Cardstock, Martha Stewart Punch, Black Jewels, Spotty Robbon, Centura Pearl Cardstock, Brown Gift Bag, Plastic Bottle & Chocolate Buttons!
I'm off to shed a few tears as I do find these little guys quite cute you never know I might make some more LOL Enjoy your Thursday! x x x x


julie_woolston said...

Fantastic Caroline, I always smile at your post's and this has certainly done that.
They are so cute I wouldn't want to part with them.
Hugs Julie xxx

Jan Ltc said...

These are stunning xx Jan