Saturday, 5 December 2009

Guss where I went last night???

Yes I went to see Jedward LIVE, they were on at the Powerhouse nightclub in Newcastle, OMG there was people EVERYWHERE we got there about 1am, they weren't due on til 2.30am & it was PACKED allready.

When they came on they did Rock Dj, Under Pressure, I'm you'r man/Wham Rap & GHOSTBUSTERS!

Honest they were really good - am I'm gutted they are no longer on X-Factor! Can't wait to watch tonights show, Olly or Joe to win!!!


Aunty Sue said...

good to see that they are getting work they did get better and where fun to watch sorry hope neither win would like daniel to win.

Kirsty said...

Ha Ha Jedward ace! I love OLLY! Olly to win!! xx