Friday, 3 April 2009

Look who I bumped into....

.... last Saturday I went for a quiet pint after work & ran into Ant off've Ant & Dec!!!
Can't believe it - we've been going into their bar in Newcastle for ages & EVERYTIME we say "Do you think they'll be here??" & last Saturday when we were in our very attractive work's uniform we ran into Ant.
Ha Ha


mckinkle said...

Hi Caroline, wow look at you and Ant!! What a great photo you have, no one will be able to match that!! If you want to tag it forward you will need to write up something along the lines like I did and then contact 4 friends and ask them to play along too! It's a great way of meeting new people and seeing their lovely work!
Who will you bump into this weekend I wonder??!! Have a good one!

Michele said...

Hi Caroline, what a great photo, lucky you.
Michele x

June said...

Lucky you!!!! your blogs great im a follower now lol, im in blyth huggies june xx

Denise said...

wow soooo jealous lol,great pic.Denise x