Sunday 1 February 2009

I've been Photo Tagged!

Ok so here is the 6th Picture from my 6th Photo Album! Thanx Sammy for tagging me!!!
It's me & my bessie mate Julie on holiday in Gran Canaria last July, we were worse for wear & had a FAB time. Off to Malia in September so can't wait for more drunken holidays!
Ok so I need to tag 3 people noe so I am going to tag:
Sorry I inflected my drunken pics on the WWW & before you ask I have NO idea what we were attempting!!! lol x x


Nessie said...

looks like you had a great laugh,nothing beats a night out with the girls!

Kirsty said...

Hi Hun
I was tagged already so check it out...its a rather boring photo but thanks for tagging me xx

Mina said...

great photo looks like a good time had by all...I have been tagged three times so take your turn girl lol xxx