Thursday, 4 December 2008

I've been tagged again!!

By Michelle I have to share 7 interesting facts about myself
1) I am soooooo excited as I am off to New York on the 25th Feb 2009! Can't wait to hit broadway & all them fab American Craft shops!
2) I can't stand Lorraine Kelly from GMTV, everytime she comes on I turn over, don't know what it is!
3) I LOVE listening to Scott Mill on Radio One, I often look like a right fool coming home from work listening to my radio on my ipod laughing my head off to myself!
4) I love Pink, I was quie a tomboy unil I was about 19, think was Mam was disappointed as she used to dress me in pink dresses whn I was little & used to ruin them climbing trees. I cam home from working in Gran Canaria one year & had painted my bedroom cerise pink - dont think she was too pleased with that either!!
5) My favourite film is White Christmas, I never tire of watching it & just Love Bing singing the theme tune!
6) I love Top Gear, especially Richard Hammond. I can't drive & know nothing about cars but never miss Top Gear - it's soooooooooooo funny!
7) I HATE cotton wool & can't touch it unless it's wet!
Ok so now you know how weird I am I hav to tagg 7 people, so the 7 people I am tagging are:
Tanmo, Carlz, Tracie, Sonia, Maxine, Lesley & Caz! Go check out all these blogs as they are all FAB!!!!


Cazz said...

Thank you Caroline for tagging me xxx

You have a beautiful blog and I shall be back again

Sonia said...

Caroline thanks for tagging me, will have a go at this later :)
Your cards are lovely, will be following it more closely now .
Hugs Sonia x

Shelly said...

Hiya! I'm a Top Gear fan too! They're just mad on that programme! And Lorraine Kelly gets on my nerves, so I never watch her! You lucky girl, off to New York! Take lots of pics to share with us! xx

maxine said...

Thanks Caroline. Your blog is lovely.

tracie said...

Hi Caroline, nice to read some funny things !! And can I come to the NY with you - lots ofr shopping, sounds fabulous !! Thanks for tagging me - I've just been tagged a little while ago so hope you won't mind if I don't do it again - but thanks for thinking of me

Kathleen said...

Great to find out few more things about you!
There's an award for you over on my blog!!

Kathleen xx