Sunday 9 November 2008

I've been tagged -

Twice - lol!!!

Thanx Lisa & Alex so, I have to give 5 answers to the following questions and tag 5 people I am apologising now incase I've tagged you & you've already been tagged!!!

Things I Love:
1) Robbie Williams - he was always my favourite & I still love him went to see him in Leeds OMG AMAZING!
2) Crafting - I go thru phases when I think Im not good or have no ideas but I still love it & don't know what I used to do before I found it!
3) Traveling - I repped overseas for 4 years had the best time of my life & now I'm a travel agent I try to get away as much as possible - honest its for research! ;)
4) My Friends & Family - they might do my head in sometimes but I wouldn't be without any of them!
5) Laughter - I think anyday is made better by laughter I am lucky I know some amazing people & if I'm ever down they can always make me feel better & cheer me up, if they fail I stick on a Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr or Russell Brand DVD which all have me crying with laughter in 10 minutes!

Things I don't love:
1) Rain - I spend ages straightening my hair go outside for 2 minutes & I look like I've been dragged thru a hedge backwards!
2) Being cold - if my nose is cold in bed I will wake up & can't sleep again until its warmed up!!!
3) Two Faced people - there's no need!
4) Loosing my internet connection - I lost it Saturday Morning & didn't get it back til Sun night felt like I'd lost an arm!
5) Working in the Metro Centre - the hours are awful 9pm week nights but now were nearing the festive season its til 10pm! ;(

Music on my iPod:
1) Robbie Williams - of course!
2) Take That - going to see them in June can't wait!
3) New Kids on the Block
4) Pink
5) Shayne Ward

Food & Drink Favs:
1) Blu Wkd
2) Cherry Coke
3) Pizza
4) My Mam's Sunday dinners - won't eat a Roast ANYWHERE else!
5) Starbucks Hot Chocolate :D

The Peeps I'm tagging are Babz, Vivienne, Gina, Tab, and Pauline!

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Nessie said...

Hi Angel,

Glad I visited your blog after you appeared on mine!!! I love your blog & your cards are fab, coloured so beautifully. I am glad to see another TT fan, im off too see them in June aswell(can't wait!)

I will pop by again soon xxx