Sunday 7 June 2009

Today this could be the Greatest Day of My Life...

........ well not today actually it was yesterday I went to see Take That OMG The best show I have EVER seen!!! So I thought I would share some of my piccies with you I was RIGHT at the front only 1 girl in front of me - arrgghhh!! :D


Unknown said...

Oh wow - the pics are brilliant I would love to have gone with you LOL Janet

Dazie said...

Wow weeeeeeeee you were sooo close!!! I am dead jealous, looks like a fab concert!


The Crafty Blonde said...

OMG how fabulous, I am off to see them in coventry on Tues. I only have a standing ticket and will no doubt be at the back.
Lyndsey xx

Victoria said...

I'd like to say I'm not jealous but I am!